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#12for22. 2:20pm

Updated: May 8, 2022

#12for22 is a collection of songs ready to drop per month during 2022. This will explain a brief history leading up to said concept.

#November saw #ImperfectKings with fellow artists @itshandsondeck featuring @Lr_617; A refined collection to the original with the addition of Show Up, Come Up. Hats off to producers @chuck_kennedy12 &@tahatanguerrilla (a.k.a. DJ Lito/Wrist Carlton). Artwork by @artofkimbo. Tune in via all streaming platforms.

#December saw #MyHands produced by @chuck_kennedy12. Special thanks to @jakelewisreal & @robierowland for their production and engineering behind this record. This is the start to the concept of #12for22. This song reflects a serenity prayer. Accepting what we can't control, being courageous enough to control what we can, and knowing the difference between pride & ego. Ultimately, our lives are in our own hands. Tune in via all streaming platforms. Artwork by me, @pkczar.

The commencement of #12for22. #January saw #ThePhoenix produced by artist/producer @youngintrue. Hats off to fellow artist/producer @jakelewisreal & @robierowland for their tag teaming efforts to making this #visionturnfruition. This song reflects rebirth. Flicking the ashes from both shoulders while breathing in anew sense of self. Tune in via all streaming platforms. Artwork by me, @pkczar.

"The month of love", #February, we heard a very different vibe where a crooning PK asks for a notification. #LemmeKnow, produced by artist/producer @traffdaddy (Justin Rian) and engineering credits to @lukiespitta, declares one to let intentions be known when involving other people. Whatever the dynamic, clear intentions ought to be known since we can do bad all by ourselves. Tune in via all streaming platforms. Artwork by me, @pkczar.

In #March, we heard #UsedtoWant produced by artist/producer @youngintrue. I'm aging. With age, more so keen on what matters to me. Reflecting on journey and greed, needs are simplified when life and death is so clear. Hats off to @jakelewisreal & @robierowland for production and engineering. Tune in via all streaming platforms. Artwork by me, @pkczar.

As the months go on, I'm bound to flood with new music. Ideally, new sounds, vibes, bars, thoughts, and feelings will arise. Whether one loves it or hates it, it's happening. #12for22.

May 8th, 2022. 10:46am.

I've been MIA. Where am I while there? My own mind. Head down. Working. Making ends meet and using that to survive and create. I make money to create music. While doing both, I've thought hard about how to put out this music. The universe has a great way of solidifying thoughts. What's once an isolated idea, now completely free to be naked and free in simply being, dope. I've dropped some music which is talked about below, but there's also a shift in what's dropping and when. Honestly, my music has been getting better. Out with the old and in with the new. Intentionality has been a major focus. With great help from producer, engineer, artist, @RobieRowland, some of my best work has been made and they'll only continue to be that. My music will set me apart as an artist. This will be the best work to come from our city, Boston, Massachusetts. I'm working diligently.

In #April, #BlueCollar hit the street with an emphasis on what it took me to make mine. Special thanks to the production from @youngintrue and engineering credits to @lukiespitta. Coming from where I come from, the idea of education and working hard to earn yours marks success. None of it was easy but will power made it possible. Anyone should be able to relate. If you want something, you set a frame of mind and you simply get it done.

#May will see the drop for #LivinRight, produced by fellow artist LVCEY a.k.a. SOUNDSBYLVCEY @ugklvcey. Special thanks to @lukiespitta for engineering this record. This song focuses on doing what self has to do to feel great while living great. Of course that idea is relative; subjective to a person-by-person basis & bias. As a man of valued principle, I share that with some classic bars & flows displayed here.

More on #12for22 coming soon. Peace.

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